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Cooler Master Gaming MK730 Tastatur USB QWERTZ ...
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Die Cooler Master MK730 ist eine professionelle Gaming-Tastatur ohne Ziffernfeld, wodurch sie sehr kompakt bleibt und auch unterwegs nicht zu viel Platz weg nimmt. Das cleane Design aus gebürstetem Aluminium schließt eine abnehmbare magnetische Handgelenkauflage mit ein, die lange Gaming Sessions durch ihre Polsterung zum Vergnügen macht. Eine RGB-Lichtleiste, die die Tastatur umgibt, sorgt für ein angenehmes Lichtambiente. Technisch überzeugt die MK730 auf ganzer Linie, Cherry MX-Schalter sorgen für ein gutes Ansprechverhalten, außergewöhnliche Haltbarkeit und ein angenehmes Berührungsgefühl. Dank einer On-the-Fly-Steuerung können Einstellungen in Echtzeit geändert werden, ein hybrides Tasten-Rollover garantiert, dass jede noch so schnelle Eingabe registriert wird.nnGAME SMARTER, NOT HARDERnThe compact, tenkeyless version of the MK750, the MK730 mechanical gaming keyboard is the scrappy, lovable younger brother that somehow beats you regularly online. The strikingly sexy floating key design with brushed aluminum profile gives way to durable Cherry MX switches, intuitive On-the-fly Controls, and hybrid key rollover to ensure peak performance through the toughest battles. If that weren't enough, a removable magnetic wrist rest gives comfort during long sessions, while an RGB lightbar surrounding the bottom and sides gives subtle illumination that doesn't come off as lonely peacocking.nnNO SOFTWARE REQUIREDnWhen you’re in a groove, the last thing you want to do is Alt+Tab out to adjust your keyboard settings. The MK730 combats that with an innovative On-the-fly System. In the heat of battle, easily adjust per-key backlighting, switch lighting modes, and even record macros with just a few keypresses. Get the functionality of software without needing to have software bloating your system - saving you time and precious PC resources.nnGIVE YOUR WRISTS A BREAK FOR ONCEnAdmit it: you abuse your wrists more than you’d like to admit. Get some much-needed comfort to your all-night sessions with an easily-installable wrist rest powered by magnets. You’ll have enough tactile relief to go all night long.nnRGB WITH LIVELY ILLUMINATIONnEveryone has to grow up at some point - and that includes LEDs too. We’ve installed an RGB lightbar that surrounds the bottom and sides for understated illumination that doesn’t feel like some sort of alpha-male posturing.nnMINIMALISTIC, DISTRACTION-FREE DESIGNnNo out-of-place logos or button clutter. Just a timeless design - a keyboard you wouldn’t be ashamed to take to work. But with added perks sprinkled throughout. Elegant floating switch design? Check. Brushed aluminum plate for durability and industrial good looks? Check. Detachable Type-C Cable with hidden management grooves? Yea sure, why not. Nine extra double-shot PBT keys? Nice.nnACCURACY. REDEFINED.nThe MK730 employs the same rollover technologies available in all our MasterKeys Pro line, resulting in the most efficient, accurate anti-ghosting technology yet. N-key rollover works in tandem with 6-key rollover to ensure that every single keypress is correctly detected, no matter how many are pressed, and how much CSI-level hacking you’re doing. Rest easy knowing no matter how fast and furious it gets, your keyboard can handle it.nnFAST, SEAMLESS PERFORMANCEnSay goodbye to rage quits due to crappy hardware. The MK730 comes equipped with a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor for consistent precision and performance. Register keystrokes instantly. Save and execute commands and macros in a snap. Thanks to the MasterKeys On-the-fly System, get an instant advantage over your opponent and beat them to the punch every time.nnGENUINE CHERRY MX SWITCHESnA mechanical keyboard’s soul resides in its switches, and we didn’t even think about skimping on those. Get 100% genuine Cherry MX Switches that good for 50 million keystrokes. All the responsiveness, accuracy, and tactile satisfaction the Cherry MX line is known for, available in five different colors based on your preferences. There’s no knock-offs here - we’re 100% natural, baby.nnNEW & IMPROVED EASY-TO-USE SOFTWAREnYou don’t need it, but we have it. Simple, straightforward, and fool-proof. You’ll be able to unleash 16.7 million colors to every key, get further customization of lighting modes, and fine-tune macros. Our software will give you everything but the kitchen sink.

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