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Top Trumps Match Board Game - Trolls 2 Edition
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Take another trip to the six Troll Kingdoms and see if you can be the first to match five in a row in this new Trolls World Tour edition of Top Trumps Match! With beloved characters from the movie, including familiar faces and all-new friends, see if you can make a line of five matching pictures without your opponent knocking them out and taking the lead. This set includes 25 unique character cubes with old and new favourites like twins Satin and Chenille, Trollzart, Cooper and Cloud Guy, 15 character cards with official artwork from the franchise, and a sturdy plastic game grid that folds up and doubles as a carry-case. Take turns pushing out cubes and replacing them with your own in order to complete a row of five, but watch out - your opponent might just knock out one of your own cubes. So choose wisely in order to defeat your opponent and restore harmony to the Troll Universe! Key Features: The Crazy Cube Game gets a Trolls twist! Be the first to match five of your favourite Trolls in a row – horizontally, vertically or diagonally But wait! Can your opponent steal the game? Turn over the Top Trump card to reveal if they can take the match and win the game Play with 15 of your favourite characters including Queen Poppy, Queen Barb, Biggie and Guy Diamond! Easy to set up and pack away, Top Trumps Match comes in a handy self-contained plastic case - play anytime, anywhere Suitable Age: 4 Number of Players: 2

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Stand: 22.10.2020
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Drako: Rycerze i Trolle
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Who will survive this clash? There was peace and prosperity in the Kingdom. The king - the gracious ruler - dealt not only with matters of great importance, but also with small problems of people who were poorer and lived in more distant lands. One sunny day, a messenger came to the ruler with news, after hearing the news of which the King's face changed completely. One of the villages next to the marshes reported that there was a group of Trolls prowling the area, who had not been seen for many, many years. More groups of adventurers were sent to the Troll Wetlands. Unfortunately, neither of them has come back with the shield so far. After many, hearing was lost. And finally the Golden Team appeared, specializing in hopeless cases (and those with a high rate of return). Who will survive this clash: the dangerous Trolls or the Golden Team of adventurers? Everything is in your hands! In Draco: Knights and Trolls, one player leads a team of three adventurers whose goal is to defeat two Trolls. He must do this within a certain time (before their deck of cards is exhausted) - then he will win the game. Each character has their own unique skills, the proper use of which is the key to success. The second player controls two Trolls - their goal is to stay alive or defeat the Gold Team. When the opponent's deck of cards is exhausted - The trolls remain where they are, continuing to harass the surrounding villages and win victory, and also win if they manage to defeat all humans. Why are you raving about this game? - Amazing graphics will introduce you to a fantasy world ruled by Trolls and other amazing creatures. The effect will be complemented by the excellent quality figurines of Trolls and members of the Golden Team - The brilliant mechanics created by Adam Kałuża are perfected - smooth, balanced, and at the same time uncomplicated. The card management system and special abilities will allow you to plan tactical games and surprise your opponent. Additionally, the gameplay itself is very dynamic. - Asymmetry of faction management requires adjusting your strategy to the capabilities of your group; we are constantly learning the game again; - The ability to connect to the first part of Drako gives you new strategic options. Dragon Fighting with Trolls? Or maybe Dwarves versus Humans? See for yourself which version you like best.

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Stand: 22.10.2020
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Drako: Trolls & Knights (engl.)
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Two aggressive Trolls have been attacking travellers on the mountain trails. The ryal has set a reward for their heads, and an armed group of Knights has set out to earn it. They managed to track down the monsters and find their hideout. Just before dawn they surrounded the Trolls' clearing, preparing an ambush. But when the wind changes, the Trolls sniff them out! A huge rock smashes a tree near the location of the daredevils and a terrible roar breaks the silence as a Troll throws himself into a mad charge. A battle to the death has begun! Each player has a unique deck of cards, and each card has symbols on it to indicate possible actions. The Trolls can move around the game board, attack, throw rocks, charge, and defend themselves from attacks, the Knights can attack with their swords, shoot bows, move individually or in groups, protect themselves with shields, and call reinforcements. Each player can have up to six cards in hand, and managing these cards and maneuvering their characters on the game board are the keys to victory. Has the opponent run out of defense cards? Can a Troll nip the strongest Knight and take him out without opening himself up to attacks from the others? The Knights can attack the Trolls' vital areas to keep them from charging or throwing rocks. If the Trolls kill the Knights before the end of the battle - they win. If the Knights survive or defeat the Trolls, they will return home victorious over the menacing monsters.

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Stand: 22.10.2020
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