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The Gongsun Longzi and Other Neglected Texts
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The Gongsun Longzi is often considered the only extant work of the Classical Chinese "School of Names", an early intellectual tradition (trad. dated to the 4 th cent. B.C.) mainly concerned with logic and the philosophy of language.The Gongsun Longzi is a heterogeneous collection of five chapters that include short treatises and largely fictive dialogues between an anonymous persuader and his opponent, which typically revolve around a paradoxical claim. Its value as a testimony to Early Chinese philosophy, however, is somewhat controversial due to the intricate textual history of the text and our limited knowledge about its intellectual backgrounds.This volume gathers contributions by leading specialists in the fields of Classical Chinese philosophy, philology, logic, and linguistics. Besides an overview of the scholarly literature on the topic and a detailed account of the reception of the text throughout time, it presents fresh insights into philological and philosophical problems raised by the Gongsun Longzi and other closely-related texts equally attributed to the "School of Names".

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