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Yasin Özdenak
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Yasin Özdenak (born 11 October 1948) is a former Turkish football goalkeeper and now an active coach. Currently he is employed by Hume City FC as the Technical Director of the Club. In 1977 the Ertegün brothers transferred Yasin, known in the United States as Erol Yasin, when he was 28 to the Cosmos where he played alongside football legends like Pelé and Franz Beckenbauer. Pelé was 35 years old and played 2 years with Yasin Ozdenak for New York Cosmos before he gave up playing. Yasin also coached the Cosmos. He was a goalkeeper and also, another legendary football player, Diego Armando Maradona had become opponent to Yasin Özdenak when Maradona was 18 years old at a friendly match. He also managed Sydney Crescent Star, a team who at the time competed in the NSW Premier League in Australia, leading them to a top 5 position in their first season as well as a victory in the Continental Cup (now known as the Tiger Turf Cup).

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