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Smash Up! Monster Smash (Exp.) (engl.)
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We were working the lab, late one night... then we made Monster Smash! This expansion to Smash Up brings you four new creepy decks to scare your opponents to death!or at least beat them to 15 points.Vampires drain power from their victims. Mad Scientists construct bizarre creations of great strength. Werewolves go berserk with power. Giant Ants swarm their victims.It´s enough to make you run out of the theater in terror!Smash Up lets you bring together various groups from Geekdom to create decks that will smash your opponents!Combine Wizard Pirates, or Ninja Dinosaurs, or Robot Vampires!Fight to score the most points and win the game.- Four all-new factions for Smash Up!- Great monster/halloween theme for this fall!- All new token bonuses adds a new strategy to Smash U

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Stand: 20.02.2017
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Unarmed Fighting Techniques Of The Samurai
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In Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai, world-renowned ninja grandmaster and bestselling author Masaaki Hatsumi explains the fundamentals of various unarmed techniques unique to the Japanese martial arts. Known as budo taijutsu, these specialized moves allow the practitioner to evade and receive an attack even from an opponent wielding a sword. Hatsumi covers such topics as Kihon Happo (Eight Basic Movements), Kosshijutsu (Attacks Against Muscles), Koppojutsu (Attacks Against Bones), Jutaijutsu (Flexible Body Arts), Daken Taijutsu (Fist Punching and Striking), Ninpo

Stand: 16.07.2019
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44 Secrets for Playing Great Soccer , Hörbuch, ...
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Discover: How to Finally Clear Away All the Hurdles Keeping You From Becoming a Super, Soccer Smash Success! Whether you call it futbol or soccer, one thing is clear: When you love the sport, it really shows. Extra practice? No big deal. Watching your soccer heroes? Yes, please! Sticking to your diet? OK, why not. But if you aren´t smashing through records and earning the praise of your entire team, you might be more than just a little frustrated. You may even feel like quitting. Don´t quit. The goals you want are in your just takes a little more time than you expected. If you don´t have mistakes to learn from, you´ll go in circles making your own mistakes instead. That might show you a few things, but why go through more trial and error than you need to deal with? YOUR MISSION: Unlock Two Decades of Soccer Mistakes and Become Amazingly Good in the Process! I´ve been playing soccer for a long time, and believe me; I´ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. Every mistake taught me something, but sometimes the costs were a little higher than I wanted to pay at the time. Look, there´s no instant way to be as good as Pele was in his prime or being able to steal the show like Beckham! But you can get started today. I know how hard it is to not reach your goals. That´s why I´m taking what I´ve learned and packing it into a fun, straightforward audio guide for you to listen to and put into practice immediately. When you download this book, you´ll learn: How to predict your opponent´s next move...even the ´´sneaky´´ ones! A really ninja-inspired way to learn new skills faster How to turn what looks like ´´rain´´ into ´´sunshine´´ for the whole team, regardless of how you´re feeling on the field! A clever way to shift your thinking 1. Language: English. Narrator: Millian Quinteros. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 26.06.2019
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