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In 1990, a young American meditation teacher asks the Dalai Lama a seemingly simple question. "Your Holiness, what do you think about self-hatred?" The Dalai Lama is taken aback. Perplexed. His answer, when it comes, surprises everyone. "What is that?" What's with that puzzled response? Was the Dalai Lama pulling our leg? Was it some translation glitch? Or was he suggesting that a life without negative self-talk might actually be a possibility for each and every one of us? That's what this audiobook is about. You need not be the Dalai Lama - or even a Tibetan monk - to live a life free of negative self-talk. Life coach Robert McFadden has helped hundreds of people just like you turn around their challenging relationships with their inner critic. This audiobook introduces a practice Robert and his clients have developed over the past 10 years to reduce and eliminate negative self-talk from your life. A practice you can begin applying right away to create the change you want. "Every week, I have conversations with people who struggle with the toughest opponent they've ever faced. The most obstinate, offensive and obnoxious adversary they know. Their inner critic. Most of these people are quick to recognize their competencies and achievements. Many lead stimulating and rewarding lives. Most enjoy warm personal relationships, exciting professional challenges, and excellent health. Still, they all too often wind up slammed against the wall. Confronted by some of the most mean-spirited, contemptuous and debilitating thoughts imaginable. Negative self-talk." (Robert McFadden) Love Your Negative Self-Talk looks at limiting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about negative self-talk. How they hold us back from making the choices and changes we want. It also lays out practical ways we can build clarity and consistency in our day-to-day experience. How we can introduce little shifts into whatever we do to open ourselve 1. Language: English. Narrator: Robert McFadden. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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