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Cubist (engl.)
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In Cubist, you and your opponents are architects competing to build a grand and inspiring new Modern Art Museum including its interior sculptures or installations. Aptly enough, your building materials are cubes, or more precisely, dice!On each turn, you roll two dice and place them in your studio as raw materials for your cubist sculptures. From there, you position these dice to complete point-coring commissioned installations for the museum. Dice with identical numbers can be stacked on top of one another to give your sculpture elevation and grandeur. Dice with adjacent numbers go next to each other, constructing unconventional footprints of modernism. You can press your luck by committing to a certain risky commissionhoping that no one else will complete it firstor play it safe by locking up your dice for later use.You can also use your dice to enlist aid from masters of modern art like Juan Gris, Franz Marc and Olga Rozanova. Each installation you complete allows you to contribute scoring dice to the building of the Museum itself. The game ends when either one player has completed five installations or when the museum is completed. You will have to sculpt cleverly but quickly to get the new Museum named after you!

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Stand: 20.02.2017
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