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Mixed Martial Arts Unleashed: Mastering the Mos...
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Get what it takes to win-and unleash the ultimate fighter in you Think you know your way around the cage? Think again. Mixed martial arts powerhouse Mickey Dimic, two-time middleweight world champion and Hall of Famer, kicks your game into gear with this no-holds-barred guide to grounding and pounding, sprawling and brawling, and boxing dirty like the toughest contenders. Breaking down the fundamentals of mixed martial arts competition, Dimic brings his decades of MMA experience to teach you the various skills of boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, judo, and Jiu-jitsu, arming you with an unstoppable arsenal of weapons sure to yield maximum damage to any opponent. With Dimic´s cage-tested tips and drills, you´ll learn to: * Hone your body with proper training * Punch and kick with power and precision * Beat down your opponent with a merciless full mount * Escape from the tightest traps * Force submissions with vice-grip grappling holds * And strategize your way to victory in every fight

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