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War Games
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Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller's Day Off ) and Ally Sheedy (The Breakfast Club) star in this compelling drama filled with action, suspense and high-tech adventures! Featuring superb performances by Dabney Coleman and Barry Corbin, WarGames is brilliant...funny...and provocative (New York) - a fast-paced cyber-thriller. Computer hacker David Lightman (Broderick) can bypass the most advanced security systems, break the most intricate secret codes and master even the most difficult computer games. But when he unwittingly taps into the Defence Department's war computer, he initiates a confrontation of global proportions - World War III! Together with his girlfriend (Sheedy) and a wizardly computer genius, David must race against time to outwit his opponent...and prevent a nuclear Armageddon. Special Features: Danny DeVito and James L. Brooks: Revisiting the War of the Roses The music of War of the Roses: A Conversation with Danny DeVito and David Newman Deleted Scenes Montage Commentary by Director Danny DeVito Trailers TV Spots Production Gallery Script

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