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M. Bison
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M. Bison, known in Japan as Vega, is a video game character created by Capcom. First introduced in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, the character is a recurring boss and antagonist in the Street Fighter series of fighting games. A would-be world dictator, and a pure incarnation of evil, M. Bison's ambition is to control the world's governments through his covert crime syndicate, Shadaloo, sometimes spelled as "Shadoloo", "Shadowloo" or "Shadowlaw". He serves as the host of Street Fighter II 's fighting tournament and is the last opponent fought in the game. Several Street Fighter characters including Guile, T. Hawk, Cammy, Rose and Chun-Li have their personal vendettas against M. Bison and have entered the tournament in the hope of having a shot at him. M. Bison wields an inherently evil energy known as Psycho Power. Some gaming literature has identified his fighting style as Lerdrit, a military variant of Muay Thai.

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