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A Little Bit of Chocolate A Lot of Love
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A Little Bit of Chocolate a Lot of Love is about the children showing and teaching us that If we can find it in our games why can't we Live it and DO IT in Life? They showed us passion and fun and to strive to Be our best. The key is, The Work Put In is the Result Coming Out! And for this hard work this is where to be Humble Shines thru. For You Get What You Put IN! There are no shortcuts. They also lead by example to Care and Believe in their Team Mates and their roles of their positions and to not forget to never over or under estimate an opponent but instead to hold Respect to them and the Love of the Game. For all their Championships on the field and off I think with a closer look the Lessons Our for the Learning? To think what a little Positive Energy Can Grow!

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