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Cecile & The Kingdom of Belamor
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In this three-part epic adventure, Cecile wakes up in a dream, and finds herself in the Kingdom of Belamor. The fourteen-year-old is unaware that she is, in fact, the Princess of this realm. She soon discovers that a beautiful enchantress has cast a spell over the kingdom and usurped her throne! And when she confronts this compelling, and powerful opponent, she learns what it really takes to be the Princess of Belamor. Now fifteen, Cecile's dream of a peaceful reign is literally shaken when a dragon hidden under the castle awakens after five hundred years of slumber. She must decide whether it is better to put the dragon back to sleep, or lead him on a perilous journey to freedom. News of the dragon rekindles an ancient rivalry between two wizards. The sixteen-year-old princess is taken hostage in a plot for revenge. Locked inside a magical castle, Cecile gathers clues, piecing together the lost history of Belamor. If she can understand how this war began, maybe she can find the answer to lasting peace for all. 75 + illustrations!

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