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The Cavalier Club
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The year is 1618 and the beginning of the brutal Thirty Years' War. Lieutenant Jack Channing's life is about to be immutably altered by two events. He falls in love with a beautiful countess and witnesses an attempt on the Polish King Sigismund's life. News reaches the court that assassination attempts on Catholic monarchs have occurred elsewhere in Europe and Jack is charged with the responsibility of finding and crushing the perpetrators - murderers that became known as the Green-Scarf Fraternity. Mixing real historical events with fictional retelling, The Cavalier Club is a richly detailed, impeccably researched story of adventure, bravery and love set during one of Europe's longest and most destructive conflicts. As the shadowy figures advanced, Jack brandished his rapier and stepped forward, away from his mount. The two cavaliers moved cautiously towards him, separated by the fountain ... As the distance closed between them, he feinted with rapid, circular sweeps, pushing the dark figure back. His faceless opponent withdrew his dagger and lunged with his sword. Jack turned the blade aside with an open, gloved palm and countered, his thrust diverted by the man's dagger. They took a step back from each other and slowly circled a few cautious steps. Avoiding his adversary's jab, Jack countered with an immediate plunge, stabbing at the shoulder ... Jack briefly glanced at the wounded swordsman; there was no movement.

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