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Hasbro Gaming Pie Face Cannon
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The Pie Face Cannon game is a real blast as players take aim and pie their opponent with a cannon full of whipped cream (whipped cream not included,.) One player puts their chin on the chin rest behind the facemask. The other player aims the cannon and launches the whipped cream (whipped cream not included, additional purchase required). The player behind the mask can try to avoid getting pie-faced by using the blocking hand. Players earn points by either blocking themselves or by successfully pie-ing their opponent. The first player to get 5 points wins! Includes whipped cream cannon, cannon holder, numbered track, connecting stick, base with buttons, blocking hand, chin rest, splash-card mask, spinner (with arrow and base), and instructions. Ready, set, splat Aim and launch the whipped cream cannon (whipped cream not included) Opponent can try to block getting pie-faced by using the blocking hand Hilarious family fun WARNING: Choking Hazard -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ages 5 and up For 2 or more players. Adult assembly and Adult supervision required. Whipped cream not included. Additional purchase required. CAUTION: To Avoid INJURY: Do not substitute other materials or objects to play this game. Use only whipped cream (not included). Thoroughly wipe the product clean before and after each use, taking care to remove all whipped cream. If whipped cream comes in contact with eyes rinse immediately with water.

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Revolver: Ambush on Gunshot Trail (Exp.) (engl.)
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The mayor of Repentance Springs has fallen down a mine shaft. Undismayed, Ned McReady vows to keep the peace, by fair means or foul – his way or the road to Perdition. The only fly in this curly wolf’s ointment is Jack Colty - a loose cannon, robbing banks, and shooting folks, and he don’t care a continental – if you believe the stories. With a plan hatched behind the gospel mill, Ned sets out to put a spoke in Jack’s wheel. Deals are struck. Ambushes are set.- expansion to the successful two-player game “Revolver” which add new tactics and make the battle between Jack and Ned even more intense- contains two modules which can easily be combined with the basic game either collectively or individually- set traps to surprise your opponent when he arrives in a particular area- build your own deck and determine your own playing style, the possibilities are endless!

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The Porkchoppers , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 446min
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Born to a steelworker but harboring theatrical aspirations, Donald Cubbin grew up tempted by two careers. A Hollywood scout finally notices him, but Cubbin has already taken a job with the local union boss. He's always regretted that decision - especially now. After decades climbing the ranks, Cubbin runs the show as the union's president. An election looms, and his opponent proves to be a dangerously loose cannon. Cubbin has made dozens of enemies over the years, and one has just engaged a hired killer. The fight for Cubbin's job starts with muckraking but could end in murder. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Brian Holsopple. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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