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BlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleDistinguishing itself with fast-paced, spectacular clashes, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will take you to a 2.5D arena, where you will fight against various opponents. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Deluxe Edition contains the base game along with all DLC characters in one pack.Get ready to fight!Developed by the Arc System Works, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle features a world of fast-paced, dynamic battles, where skilled fighters come to test their fighting skills. Only one can win and there’s no time for cold calculation or delaying tactics.The quicker you are, the more you can surprise your opponent with a devastating combo. Inflict heavy blows which will take your opponents down! Unleash each character’s unique special attacks and combos, making the best use of each character’s moves. Control your energy meter, conserve power and deliver the finisher, leaving no doubts who’s the best on the arena!Choose from 40 charactersFeaturing a total of 40 characters in the basic Cross Tag Battle—20 in the base version and another 20 available in the DLCs, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Deluxe Edition guarantees a gripping, kinetic and stylish gameplay for you and your friends! Play as Ragna and Jun from the BlazBlue series, Yu Narukami from the Persona 4 Arena, Hyde from Under Night In-Birth or even Ruby Rose from the famous RWBY animated Youtube show. Explore each fighter’s unique moves. Try new moves, discover combos and first of all—have fun while beating your opponent!Explore Tag BattlesThe most important feature of the game, the tag system lets you take part in spectacular 2v2 Cross Tag battles. Choose the members of your team and take up arms against your opponents, smoothly switching between your chosen fighters. Filled with crazy action, with tight mechanics, dynamic gameplay, and gorgeous 2D graphics, the battles will engage the pros and newcomers alike!Find your favorite game modeIf you like playing solo, check out the lengthy and varied campaign offering a tailored experience which will guide you through the game’s features. You can also challenge the AI and beat your enemies in single battle.Those who like testing their skills against other players can do it through the multiplayer mode giving everyone a chance to fight other players’ teams online and locally thanks to the split-screen mode.Key FeaturesTest your reflex, agility and combat skills in one of the most fast-paced, crazy fighting games ever madePlay solo or jump into the online community and fight against players from all over the worldChoose your favorite character from a gallery of 40 availableEnjoy the exclusive DLC content included in this special BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Deluxe EditionGet enchanted by the vibrant, hand-drawn visual style and high-quality animations, characteristic for the franchise

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