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Climate Change: The Unholy Alliance of Barrack ...
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Much has been said about global warming and climate change. There are, of course, both the proponents and the opponents of this environmental theory and both vigorous debate their ideological viewpoint with equal vigor. And now the debate has reached a truly global stage the United Nations, and none other than the Vatican´s Pope Francis himself have infused much of their energy and time debating the merits of deforestation and greenhouse gases. In the wake of the pope´s monumental Apocalyptic Encyclical on climate change, this audiobook seeks to present both of the sides of the debate, but not only that, it seeks to invoke the thoughts of the listener so that after ingesting so much energy and theories around the subject they can create their own interpretation of this complicated and multifaceted topic of global warming and climate change! Some topics covered are: Homeostasis of the Earth: Can our planet heal itself? The Al Gore debate: Science or sci-fi? Global warming or Global cooling? Who is responsible? Can we survive? Business as usual: A vision of the future! Environmental justice Biodiversity 1. Language: English. Narrator: Trevor Clinger. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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