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The Market Approach to Valuing Businesses
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Your Best Approach to Determining Value If you're buying, selling, or valuing a business, how can youdetermine its true value? By basing it on present market conditionsand sales of similar businesses. The market approach is the premierway to determine the value of a business or partnership. Withconvincing evidence of value for both buyers and sellers, it canend stalemates and get deals closed. Acclaimed for its empiricalbasis and objectivity, this approach is the model most favored bythe IRS and the United States Tax Court-as long as it's properlyimplemented. Shannon Pratt's The Market Approach to ValuingBusinesses, Second Edition provides a wealth of provenguidelines and resources for effective market approachimplementation. You'll find information on valuing and itsapplications, case studies on small and midsize businesses, and adetailed analysis of the latest market approach developments, aswell as: * A critique of US acquisitions over the last twenty-fiveyears * An analysis of the effect of size on value * Common errors in applying the market approach * Court reactions to the market approach and information to helpyou avoid being blindsided by a litigation opponent Must reading for anyone who owns or holds a partial interest ina small or large business or a professional practice, as well asfor CPAs consulting on valuations, appraisers, corporatedevelopment officers, intermediaries, and venture capitalists,The Market Approach to Valuing Businesses will showyou how to successfully reach a fair agreement-one that willsatisfy both buyers and sellers and stand up to scrutiny by courtsand the IRS.

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